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Infinity War LEGO sets tease Thor's new weapon, battle with Thanos, and more

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Jul 19, 2019, 5:01 PM EDT (Updated)

A little less than three months to go until the ultimate Marvel team-up arrives in the form of Avengers: Infinity War. After 10 long years of world building and 18 movies, we'll finally get to see every MCU hero fight against a comic enemy under the roof of one giant feature. The enemy is, of course, Thanos (Josh Brolin in two major comic book films this summer) who wants to collect all six Infinity Stones and rule the universe. You know, not that tall of an order. 

Two trailers and one poster have been released for Infinity War so far and aside from the appearance of all the familiar faces, Marvel Studios is parsing things out to keep us guessing. There's been a ton of cool set and action pieces in the promo material so far, but nothing all that "spoilery." As usual, potential spoilers have come from an unlikely source: the upcoming LEGO sets based on the film. We saw it for Solo: A Star Wars Story, then again for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, so why should Infinity War be any different? 

Here's what the movie will most likely feature based on the following six LEGO sets that all come with one Infinity Stone each: 

1. A fight at Doctor Strange's HQ:

Titled "Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown," this set revolves around an attack at Stephen Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum on Bleecker Street in New York City. Fighting with the good doctor is Iron Man and Spider-Man, but who they're fighting is more of a mystery. We know Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) and Peter (Tom Holland) are with Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) because we see them all together in the Super Bowl trailer. The Infinity Stone that comes in this set is the Time Stone, which you might remember is the thing powering the Eye of Agamotto. 

2. Hyping up the Hulkbuster:

Not seen since Avengers: Age of Ultron, Infinity War will contain the return of Tony Stark's Hulkbuster suit, the souped-up Iron Man armor that can take on a rampaging monster. This next set is called "The Hulkbuster Smash-Up" and apart from placing the beefed up suit front and center, it also features Bruce Banner, Falcon, Proxima Midnight, and an Outrider. Proxima is a member of the Black Order, a group of deadly aliens gathered by Thanos to conquer different worlds. The Outrider is one of those many-limbed Xenomorph-looking aliens fighting the Wakandans in the first trailer. They are a race of parasite-assassins also used by Thanos. The Infinity Stone that comes in this set is either the Mind Stone, the one that gave Vision sentience and life, the Soul Stone, or Power Stone. It's hard to tell because a later set also has a yellow stone. 

3. Speaking of Outriders...

The next set is called "Outrider Dropship Attack" and shows a blond-haired Black Widow and a bearded Captain America rushing an Outrider. These ships will probably arrive in Wakanda and systematically deliver the aliens off for battle like some kind of perverse soccer mom dropping her kids off at soccer practice. The Infinity Stone that comes in this set is the Space Stone, aka the Tesseract. 

4. Thor goes weapon hunting:

We know that Thor's hammer was destroyed in Ragnarok and we also know he shacks up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. With this information at hand, it explains "Thor's Weapon Quest." It includes figures for Thor, Rocket, and Groot, so presumably they'll help the God of Thunder find something new to fight with. After all, Rocket's an expert at anything that can inflict bodily harm upon another person. Whatever that blue, electrified machine could be is up for discussion at the moment.

This set doesn't outwardly feature an Infinity Stone, but since there are six stones and six sets, it stands to reason there will be one here as well. It will probably be the Power Stone or Soul Stone since the latter is almost always associated with Adam Warlock, a heavily cosmic Marvel character and this set focuses on cosmic heroes. 

5. The arrival of Corvus Glaive:

There's an idea that Wakanda has one of the Infinity Stones Thanos wants, which is why there's an epic battle there in the trailers. Maybe vibranium isn't the only thing the country possesses that allows it to create such wondrous technology. This next set called "Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack," is named after another member of the Black Order, Corvus Glaive. In the comics, he is hired by the Mad Titan due to his mastery of combat and tactical planning. The bladed saw (thresher) on the box art looks like it's meant to tear down a fortified wall of some kind, perhaps one protecting an Infinity Stone. Characters included are: Corvus Glaive, Vision, Shuri, Black Panther, and an Outrider. The Infinity Stone that comes in this set is the Mind Stone, Soul Stone, or Power Stone. 

6. The coup de gras:

A "coup de gras" means a death blow and you better believe that's what Thanos plans to do to Earth and the galaxy's mightiest heroes. As a character well-known for his fascination with dying, he probably wants to kill every single last one of them just to impress the physical manifestation of Death. The final box set is aptly titled "Thanos: Ultimate Battle," which is what the entire film will be building towards. The characters you get with this set are Thanos (obviously), Iron Man, Gamora, and Star-Lord. In addition, it comes with the Infinity Gauntlet affixed with the Reality Stone and Star-Lord's ship, the Milano. 

Infinity War does its own assembling with heroes, instead of building blocks on May 5.