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Infinity Wars #6: Adam Warlock rewrites the Infinity Stones' role in the Marvel Universe

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Dec 21, 2018, 8:25 PM EST

If you happen to be lucky enough to wield one of the Infinity Stones, you are in charge of an enormous amount of power. Sure, it leads to a fight with at minimum one Avenger, but power always comes at a cost. Should you be lucky enough to hold all SIX stones, then you can rewrite reality as you see fit. Thanos did that in Avengers: Infinity War, and Requiem (Gamora) did the same in the recently wrapped 6-issue limited series Infinity Wars. However, at the end of that series, Adam Warlock (the man always linked to the Stones in some way) made a decision that rewrote the book on how the Infinity Stones will work going forward.

In the final issue of Infinity Wars, available now from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Mike Deodato, Loki realizes that the only way to save reality from collapsing is to return the Stones he stole from the “Warped Dimension,” (a new reality created by Gamora, where souls of Marvel’s heroes were “sewn” together, giving us new characters like Ghost Panther and Iron Hammer) and give them to Adam Warlock. Before doing so, though, he used them to render all Stones from all realities inert, except for his set.

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Warlock and the Infinity Watch then used the Stones to not only restore the original 616 reality to normal, but also to save the Warped Dimension, creating an entirely new universe for it to thrive.

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Image: Marvel Comics

So, Adam Warlock was able to restore one reality and save a newly created one. Much work for one day. He still had more to do, however. Seeing the Stones as much more than "rule the universe" tools,  Adam granted each of the remaining Stones a soul of their own.

Infinity Stones

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That means rather than continually being collected for someone else’s use, Marvel’s version of Dragonballs are now living things and can make their own decisions. The gems left Warlock and set off to write their destinies.

However, what does that exactly mean? Will they let others use them if it benefits them? Will they seek out revenge against those who used them for the wrong reasons? So many have tried to use the Stone to rule the universe in their image, is it now the Infinity Stones themselves that say, “Fine, we’ll do it ourselves”?

The Infinity Stones were always a game changer in the Marvel Universe. We can’t wait to see how they change the game again upon their inevitable return.

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