Infographic of the day: Science fiction predictions of the future, from the past

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Sep 3, 2015, 9:58 AM EDT

Science fiction authors were predicting the future even before Hugo Gernsback coined the name “scientifiction.” Some predictions are too far in the future for us to corroborate. However, other predictions will be realized (or not) in our lifetimes. The infographic below has some sci-fi predictions that we may actually see the come true (or not).

So, how did this infographic come about? 

Writer Jane Hu compiled a list of predictions from acclaimed sci-fi authors such as Vernor Vinge, Kim Stanley Robinson, Cory Doctorow and Michael Swanwick. From there, according to, “Giorgia Lupi, an Italian information designer, was inspired to create an infographic of the data.” 

The infographic is a sight to behold. It has the prediction; the year in which it was written; the year the prediction should be realized; and the category of prediction (for example, sociological, environmental or technological). 

Predictions include travel to Saturn, World War IV and violating the laws of time travel. (Note to the future of humanity: That's a big no-no.)

Check it out. And let us know in the comments what your prediction for the future is.