Infographic reveals which superheroes have the best and worst day jobs

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Aug 29, 2017, 12:34 PM EDT

A key component of the superhero alter-ego is, for many characters, the day job. Sure, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark get to be billionaires, and Reed Richards' job is just being Mr. Fantastic, but other heroes still have to hustle to pay the bills. Some are seasoned professionals respected in their fields, others are blue collar workers, and still others just have to scrape by with whatever they can get.

But which superhero day job is the best? The folks at the job site Zippia attempt to answer that question with this handy infographic. It estimates the salaries (using job postings) of each hero based on their most famous day jobs, and some of the answers might surprise you. Check it out:


As you can see, Doctor Stephen Strange comes out at the top of this particular sampling because of his work as a top surgeon, while Scott Lang's yogurt shop job puts him squarely at the bottom. Spider-Man's constant money problems make a lot of sense due to his salary (which I can vouch for as a former newspaper stringer) and those financial issues plaguing the family at the beginning of The Incredibles certainly make sense with Bob Parr's insurance job. The one that stood out to me as a bit of a surprise was Storm. You always assume the teachers at Xavier's school do draw a salary, but they also lead a rather swanky lifestyle (when Sentinels aren't trampling the joint), so it feels like her number should be a little higher. It's an interesting thing to discuss if you like to spend your days debating the tiniest details of superhero life. And here at SYFY WIRE, we definitely do.