Inhumans are killing off the X-Men in latest All New, All Different Marvel preview

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Sep 16, 2015, 11:25 AM EDT

With the Inhumans positioned to become a major part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the comic publisher is preparing a hefty new arc that will put them directly at odds with the X-Men. Raise your hand if you didn't see this coming.

Marvel has dropped some fresh preview pages from the new ‘book Extraordinary X-Men, which reveal a major arc that will kick off once things settle down post-Secret Wars and the All New, All Different universe takes effect. Basically: The Inhumans are about to be bigger than mutants, and in the process, they’re killing a boatload of the X-Men’s brethren. 

The preview pages below reveal that a new release of pure Terrigen Mists (aka the MacGuffin that activates the powers of Inhumans) is proving to be toxic for mutants, creating a new disease that starts wiping them out in the near future. Worse than that, it’s also sterilizing them — meaning no more mutants.

On the surface, this should make for a ripe storytelling opportunity that harkens back to the age-old trope of the X-Men being on the fringe of society. But, looking a bit deeper, this seems like an obvious play by the publisher to position Inhumans as the “new” mutants in the Marvel Comics universe, since they have the full film rights to those characters (while mutants and the X-Men are tangled up at 20th Century Fox). 

Considering a full-fledged Inhumans film is in the pipe, and Inhumans are already playing a major role on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we’d expect these changes to the comic universe to be fairly permanent. Marvel (likely) isn’t vindictive enough to kill off a golden-goose comic property, but it seems the X-Men’s role in the larger universe might be diminished for the foreseeable future.

Check out the pages below and let us know what you think: