Inhumans trailer breakdown: Black Bolt speaks, Lockjaw steals the show

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May 1, 2020, 12:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Marvel's Inhumans is real, and it's almost arrived. The first trailer for the series, which will debut in IMAX theaters with a two-hour premiere before airing the rest on ABC, hit today and ... well, it's been met with some level of confusion and wariness from many fans.

There's more to unpack in there, though, than people may have seen at first glance.

For the fans who aren't very familiar with the Inhumans royal family, their giant teleporting dog Lockjaw or the very concept of this group of characters, don't worry, we have you covered. Hopefully, with a second look at the trailer and an in-depth look at what's inside, even skeptics might be a little more excited about what's to come from Marvel's next TV venture.

First, check out the trailer if you haven't yet, (or check it out again)!


Blue Area of the Moon

The Inhuman city of Attilan was, at a time in the pages of Marvel Comics, relocated to the "Blue area of the Moon," a section of Earth's Moon made inhabitable by the Skrulls, Cotati, and eventually the Kree - the aliens who (including in the MCU) altered early human DNA to create the Inhumans in the first place. Looks like we will in fact see them on the Moon, at least at the start (which explains Maximus' cries for them to head to Earth).


One Big Happy (Royal) Family

This is the Inhuman Royal Family, and well, after hundreds if not thousands of years together, it's understandable that they're pretty sick of each other's company. It'll be interesting to see where they land on their age (and Inhuman aging process in general) in the TV series, if that's addressed at all.

Clockwise from the folded hands: Blackbolt (King), Medusa (Queen), Crystal (her sister), Maximus (Blackbolt's brother), Karnak (their cousin), Gorgon (also their cousin).


The Loyal Subjects

No Royal family is very royal without subjects to rule, and we see a lot of them living in Attilan. Remember, Inhumans don't get superpowers until they are exposed to the Terrigen mists, a very selective process, so just because we see 50 of them doesn't mean we'll see that many superpowers.


Maximus the Mad

Maximus is known in the comics as "Maximus the Mad," and he's certainly angry in this trailer. However, that actually means he's insane. Played by Iwan Rheon, who proved his worth as a batty baddie in Game of Thrones, this mind controlling-Inhuman is probably going to be trouble.


Where's Medusa's hair?

If Medusa's being restrained, why the heck isn't she using her powers? In fact, we don't see hide nor hair of her powers in this trailer, which allows her to control every strand of hair on her head like they're super-long fingers. She's not resisting at all, she's not using her powers ... heck, her hair looks like it's practically plastic in this first look. We'll wait for the finished CGI-enhanced product.


Ditto for Crystal's powers

Again - why is Crystal not using her powers at all? With control over the elements, she's a formidable foe to anyone, and here she's also just being subdued peacefully by those loyal to Maximus. What the heck is going on here? Please tell us we're going to see them cut loose at SOME point!


Lockjaw the Teleporting Dog

This is Lockjaw. He's a teleporting Inhuman Dog, and he's awesome. The teleportation effect is the only finished special effect we see in this trailer, but luckily it looks pretty freaking cool. This character will be your favorite, don't worry.


That's Triton

This is Triton, another Inhuman often associated with the Royal Family. One of the more ... transformed members of the clan, he looks a bit fishy because he has fish-style powers. Yay, super-swimming!


The Hoof of Gorgon

That hoof that comes down confirms that Gorgon, the bruiser of the Inhuman Royals, is in fact mutated in the series with goat-like legs and feet. He has a strong punch, but his real strength comes from slamming his feet into the ground with a thundering quake.


Karnak in action

Ken Leung plays Karnak, an incredible martial artist and fighter. But his real power is in the ability to see the weakness in anything -- or anyone. His strikes, then, are precision hits designed to take out his foe -- or walls, weapons, basically anything -- in a single hit.


Black Bolt Speaks

So, you noticed how the leader of the Inhumans didn't say a word the whole trailer, right? His brother even mentioned that he could kill by speaking.

Well, that's exactly right. The slightest whisper from Black Bolt can destroy buildings. All he lets out is the tiniest of grunts at the end of the trailer, and it sends a police car flying. We'll see if he ever unleashes his full power, probably something saved for the finale if anything, but if and when he does, it'll be something to behold.