Rumor of the Day: Could the Inhumans TV show pave the way for Ms. Marvel?

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Mar 6, 2017, 5:00 PM EST

It appears that the upcoming Inhumans series could introduce more than just the Royal Family of Attilan.

In the 2013 comic book storyline "Infinity," a Terrigen bomb is detonated over New York and spreads Terrigen Mists over the entire Earth, activating dormant Inhuman tendencies in seemingly normal humans and turning them into ... not quite Inhumans, but NuHumans, "regular" people who have the gene but are not full-blooded Inhumans.

That led to the crossover "Inhumanity" event, with the main comic, Inhuman, written by Charles Soule and delving into more detail about the NuHumans and their place in the Inhuman mythology. According to Bleeding Cool (via MCU Exchange), Soule has now said in an interview at Coast-to-Coast Comic Con that the upcoming Inhumans show, which will focus on the Inhuman Royal Family of Black Bolt, Medusa and the rest, will also include a number of NuHuman characters that he created.

Soule invented a number of new characters for this arc, including the NuHuman Lash, who famously turned up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (in fact, much of that show's Inhumans storyline seems to have been repurposed from the "Inhumanity" plot and the show's Inhumans could technically fall under the "NuHumans" umbrella). Other characters that he created include NuHumans like Inferno, Lineage, Reader and Flint.

What's even more interesting, however, is that another NuHuman -- who Soule did not create but whose powers were activated by those same Terrigen Mists -- is Kamala Khan, aka the current Ms. Marvel, who has headlined her own enormously popular and acclaimed comic book since February 2014. If NuHumans are set to appear in the show, is it possible that we might see Marvel's first full-fledged Muslim superhero on the screen?

Soule is not quoted directly, so we have to keep all this securely tucked under the heading of "rumor" for now. But would you Inhumans fans out there like to see some NuHumans make their way into the new show? And for readers of Ms. Marvel's award-winning book, would this be a neat way to introduce her into the live-action Marvel Universe?

Inhumans will premiere theatrically on IMAX screens for a two-week run on September 1 before moving to ABC.