Insane fan theory speculates that the Joker isn't who he seems in Suicide Squad

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Jul 22, 2015

We know from the Suicide Squad trailer that the Joker, the psychopathic villain we love to hate, will be making an appearance. But a new fan theory says that there’s more to this Joker (Jared Leto) than meets the eye.

According to Reddit, the Joker isn’t the Joker. He is actually Jason Todd — also known as Batman’s former sidekick, Robin. 

So who is Jason, and why do fans suggest he has taken on the identity of the Clown Prince of Crime? Jason and the Joker have an important connection: The Joker had actually beat him to death in 1988. 

Redditor Jason-G169 writes, “Bruce was Jason’s surrogate father & Jason is probably a little salty about not being saved from the original Joker.

“Now the Robin suit [as seen in the trailer for Batman v. Superman], this one is kind of the first pillar of my theory, we see 'The joke’s on you Batman'. What joke is on batman? Could it mean Jason wrote that on his suit after he became a deranged psycho? What i think it means is, after all Jason & Bruce have gone through together, him teaching Jason to not be so angry & teaching him how to be a better person, in the end it didn’t matter it was all one huge joke because Jason’s fate was to become Joker, his fate was to become the arch nemesis of his father.”

In addition, when Jason returned, thanks to the hocus-pocus of the Lazarus Pit, he took on the name “Red Hood”—a name once used by the Joker. According to Dorkly, it’s proof that “Jason Todd has a built-in history of taking the Joker’s identity.”

Other clues as to Jason appearing as the Joker include the “J” tattooed on his cheek (for Jason), plus his feather tattoo, which could be the feather of a robin.

Robin isn’t so much a name as a title: The first person to use the name Robin was Dick Grayson (who took on the name Nightwing and, later, Grayson). Jason was the second Robin. After him came Tim Drake, and after him, the first female Robin, Stephanie Brown. The current Robin is Damien Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s son with Talia Al-Ghul.

What do you think? Do you think that Jason Todd, and not the actual Joker, may make an appearance in The Suicide Squad? Or do you think this is all the product of an active and deliciously geeky imagination striving to make sense of the Joker's non-traditional look? Let us know in the comments.

(Via Dorkly)

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