That insane 'nuked fridge' scene in Indy 4 could actually work!?

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Feb 12, 2013, 3:23 PM EST

After waiting nearly 20 years for an Indiana Jones sequel, expectations were high for 2008’s Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. With Shia LaBeouf taking a clumsy handoff of the reins from Harrison Ford, it left most fans underwhelmed. But there was one completely insane scene that irked fans more than anything else.

No, it wasn’t the aliens or anything like that. Hey, the series had always dabbled a little in fantasy, so it worked well enough. It was the “nuke the fridge” scene, which saw Indy survive a nuclear explosion by taking shelter in a flying refrigerator.

The scene played pretty silly onscreen, and most fans called foul, saying it was way too ridiculous for the classic adventure franchise. But apparently it could actually work. Under the right circumstances, with the right type of refrigerator at the right weight, it's plausible that Indy could have survived the explosion. Whoa.

Who’d have guessed—Steven Spielberg knew what he was doing all along.

The guys at Reel Physics break down all the science and numbers of the scene in an excellent clip you can check out below:

Now that we know it was plausible, does this change your opinion of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?



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