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Insane Star Wars fan theory says Jar Jar is actually a Sith lord

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:28 AM EDT (Updated)

The slapstick Star Wars Episodes I-III character Jar Jar Binks has been universally reviled by everyone with taste. But there’s another reason, besides his buffoonish presence, to dislike the Gungan: According to one fan theory, Jar Jar was in cahoots with the once and future emperor, Palpatine.

Redditor Lumpawarroo laid it out for us. Yes, Jar Jar might seem like a man-child trapped in the body of an amphibious rabbit, but his fumbling cloaks a very particular talent, called Drunken Fist wushu. (Click here and here for comparisons.)

Also, Jar Jar must have force-using abilities; after all, how else would he be able to jump as well as Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and even Luke do?

Lumpawarroo also points to a subtle detail that I never once noticed during my multiple viewings of Star Wars: Jar Jar has a tendency to flutter his hand the same way that Force users do when they’re using mind-control tactics. And he uses it during times when he's involved in political influence. (See here, here and here.)

Wow. This is starting to make sense. 

But then Lumpawarroo brings his theory home with this:

“Actually, if you watch the prequels with the idea that Jar Jar might be a manipulative, dark character, you begin to notice just how insidious and subtle his manipulation is, and how effective, in almost every sequence he’s involved in, and also just how hyper-aware of the overarching plot he really is.

“Examples: Jar Jar tricking the Jedi into traveling through the planet core (so that they need him). Jar Jar carefully causing a scene so that they run into Anakin. Jar Jar constantly mocking Qui-Gon behind his back while Anakin is watching (so that Anakin learns disrespect for Jedi authority early on). Jar Jar telling an 8 year old child that the queen is “pretty hot,” fanning the flames of the child’s infatuation that is exploited later on.”

And speaking of “bringing it home,” Lumpawarroo also points out that Jar Jar and Palpatine share the same planet. There was more than one opportunity for them to collaborate. 

If so, Jar Jar could have been Palpatine’s other apprentice, which bends the Sith Rule of Two (“Always two there are—a master and an apprentice”). But Palpatine didn’t get to sit on the Imperial Throne by playing it safe. Or, in the case of using Jar Jar as a catalyst for his overthrowing the Republic, sane. 

I think the theory is fabulous and far more interesting than Jar Jar deserves. What do you think?

(Via Tickld.)

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