Insanely realistic statue of Christopher Reeve as Superman

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Remember that insanely realistic bust of Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin from two weeks ago, the one that had us in awe and creeped us out at the same time? Well, we've found another photorealistic sculpture. And this one is really super.

This sculpture, created by artist Mike Hill, captures Christopher Reeve as Superman ... all 6 foot 4 inches of him. That's right, it's a complete statue and not just the head, unlike artist Jordu Schell's Cushing bust.

(Our only reservations about Schell's astonishing work, which captured every line and detail in Cushing's face, was that the bust had been placed on a small frame, which gave us the sensation that Tarkin's head had been mounted on a spear by Ewoks after the Battle of Endor.)

According to the L.A. Times,

"This figure was sculpted in clay from various stills of Mr. Reeve," Hill said. "The sculpture was then reproduced in silicone rubber and fiberglass. The skin is painted in layers to reflect human skin tones. The acrylic eyes are custom made to match Reeves' own. Each hair is punched [into place] one at a time. The costume is an exact replica of the original."

The statue will make its appearance this Saturday in Los Angeles at the Hero Complex Film Festival. If you get to see it in person, let us know what you think, OK?