Inside the epic, Moon-themed mega-resort planned for Vegas

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Jan 30, 2014, 5:17 PM EST (Updated)

Moon Resort and Casino was a lunar-themed mega-hotel and gambling destination originally proposed back in 2002 for Las Vegas, the Caribbean or the Middle East. The bold brainchild of Canadian entrepreneur and developer Michael Henderson, this audacious project to build a $5 billion venture celebrating Earth's favorite (and only) pockmarked satellite stalled during the recent recession.

In 10 years, the Moon dream never got much further than some slick marketing material and conceptual artwork detailing this amazing architectural wonder.

Check out the finished scale model ...

But hope remains alive as Moon World Resort's Chairman and CEO gave us a current update of the project's future:

"We are currently reviewing several global sites," said Henderson. "It's been a long and challenging road. However, we're very close to success and will most likely be in a position to announce the location for the first project by April 2014. The planned opening date for the first MOON destination will be mid-2018. Our project has been refined over the years to become much more educational and environmentally conscious. With space tourism ready to blast off, our timing to bring the Moon to planet Earth for all to enjoy is perfect."

 Here are more details from the project's promo material:

There's no skimping on exactly how the ultra-luxurious $5-billion, 10,000-room, five-star, five-diamond, 250-acre Moon resort would have looked. The complex includes the Moon Casino, replete with multiple levels of gaming floors that culminate in the all-night party that is the Metropolis Discotheque. At the center of the Resort complex there's the Crater Wave Pool, with its surrounding private pools and spas. The 500-foot pool laps gently to the rhythm of a true ocean tide.

Guests can frolic in the Sea of Serenity Aquatic Center, then pour themselves directly into the Crater Pool via waterslides. A Lunar Lander Lounge at the center of the Pool is accessible via glass underwater walkways beneath the Pool's surface. Moon visitors can unwind at the Tranquility Spa and Wellness Center, where body treatments from skin treatments to aromatherapy are available. At the Moon Buggy Activity Landscape, you can slip into the driver's seat of one of the Apollo landing's famous lunar cruisers. Stopping by Rock Climbing Mountain, first time climbers or seasoned veterans can scale to new heights of physical achievement and gripping thrills.

The Moon River Jazz Bar sports a two-story waterfall that cascades dramatically over a lengthy bar and turns into a river. Then, toss in loads of shopping spots, a giant convention center, a winter-sports area, indoor golf course and tennis courts, as well as a biosphere that encases a vineyard and organic gardens.

MOON - Because You Have Been Everywhere Else!

Sounds pretty sweet. Can your vacation wait until 2018? Order us another Apollo Colada until then.