Deadpool 2, Ashes

Inside the Deadpool selfie museum in NYC

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Aug 8, 2018, 3:27 PM EDT (Updated)

When you saw Deadpool 2, did you think, "Wow, I want to be a part of the sky-diving, teddy-bear-loving, tiny-legged hilarity?" If you did, your window of opportunity to participate in a Deadpool 2 pop-up, the Believe in Your Selfie Museum, has officially arrived.

Museum attendees — though the museum is less of a museum and more of an installation stacked with Insta-worthy backdrops and rainbow-tinged insanity — are loaned a selfie stick and invited to walk through the museum, taking selfies against eight different Deadpool 2-themed backdrops. These include Teddy Bear Summers, Rainbow Room, Unicorn Daydreams, Domino's Dominos, Wade + Vanessa Love Room, and X-Force Heaven.


Despite these bright backdrops, it's the interactive sets, the Baby Legs Couch and Colossus' Deep Dive Disco, that inspire the best selfies. The Colossus set is a silver-tinged foam pit filled with squishy blocks and may require assistance getting in and out of; you may not want to wear skirts or dresses for this.

As for the Baby Legs Couch, it requires a small bit of maneuvering, but the creepy results are worth it:


The selfie museum might be filled with Deadpool 2-themed touches, but the overall vibe is PG rather than R-rated, so feel free to take your children. Plus, X-Force-clad assistants are there to help you with your selfie stick and provide helpful hints about the best spots for selfie perfection.

The pop-up is in celebration of the release of Deadpool 2 on digital (out now) and on Blu-ray, 4K, and DVD (August 21). Attendees are encouraged to post photos with the hashtags #Deadpool2 and #believeinyourselfie.


The Believe in Your Selfie Museum is located at Industria Studio 10 in New York City's West Village, a tree-lined neighborhood with great walkability. Come for the selfies, stay for the excellent restaurants and Varsano's Chocolate.

If you want to get your selfie on with Deadpool and friends, remember, the museum window is only open from August 8 to 11. Better start running — those baby legs aren't built for speed.

Industria Studio 10
356 West 12th Street
August 8 and 9: Noon to 8PM
August 10 and 11: Noon to 9PM