Intel and Warner Bros. wants your future autonomous vehicle to feel like the Batmobile

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Dec 2, 2017

When your car does all the driving, what are you going to do in the meantime? That is the natural course of the conversation since the race to achieving the perfect driverless car goal. Intel announced that it's going to partner with Warner Bros. (and Batman) to create VR and augmented-reality experiences for drivers and passengers.

Intel wants to focus on making a new type of consumer space for when autonomous driving becomes the primary mode of transportation. The average American spends 17,600 minutes driving each year, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. So how does the Caped Crusader come into play?

Instead of watching the road riddled with potholes, your screen will project Gotham City and make you feel like you're piloting the Batmobile thanks to the new in-cabin VR and AR technology the company is developing. This will also be a way to enjoy television programming, films, and advertising. Perfect timing, since we're all anxiously waiting for DC's yet-to-be-named streaming service to drop. It's especially frustrating since DC revealed how cool Brenton Thwaites as Robin will look in the live-action Teen Titans series.

This experience is safeguarded by Intel's Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System that is currently being implemented in cars today. Mobileye has saved lives and prevented 450,00 crashes, according to Intel.

The ideas of autonomous driving isn't a distant reality. The Washington Post reported that GM is hoping to debut driverless battery-powered Chevy Bolts to compete with the ride-hailing services in 2019. Who knows, you could be taking the Batmobile to work instead of jumping in a stranger's Prius. Robin not included.

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