Intelligent Falling

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Sep 25, 2005

Note: Yeah, I know this is somewhat old news. I sometimes write these in advance, then update them slightly so I can post when I don't have time to write. I'm having sinus issues right now and it's hard to concentrate, so I'm posting this one. Also, I'm hoping to have an entry soon about NASA's new vision of returning to the Moon, but I've been too busy to read up on it! I'll rectify that very soon.

There's a person who posts on my bulletin board who has a signature he uses that says "Think evolution is 'just a theory'? Then fasten your seat belts, so is gravity!"

That always made me smile, and now it looks like the brilliantly satirical newspaper "The Onion" has caught on: read their article about Intelligent Falling. It really captures the ridiculosity of Intelligent Design (which, by the way, literally goes on trial today-- check Red State Rabble, Pharyngula, and Panda's Thumb for frequent updates).

And there's more! The Onion plagiarized the idea. Maybe. They make a lot of stuff up, so it's hard to tell.

While you're at it, why not check out The Highest School, which takes "teaching the controversy" to the next logical step?

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