Interesting asteroid strike article

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May 21, 2008

I almost called this post "Asteroid strike in The Atlantic" but figured that would panic people. :-) It's actually The Atlantic magazine. Gregg Easterbrook, a journalist who wrote an article about asteroid impacts, is in a short documentary/interview about how often asteroids hit and what can be done. It's not bad, despite the nearly 100% inaccurate animations they use. It's incredible, actually, how nearly every single image they use has nothing to do with asteroids -- they show galaxies, nebulae, and so on. The one shot they have of an asteroid moving through space looks more like a comet, and you can see stars drifting past it. Sigh.

What he says is pretty good though. I have a lot more details about the consequences of impacts and what we can do to prevent them in Death from the Skies! of course. Consider this video an apertif.

Tip o' the Whipple shield to BABloggee Kevin Stebleton.

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