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International Dark Phoenix trailer puts classic story front and center

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Mar 5, 2019

There's a new international trailer out for Dark Phoenix that seems to do a much better job at making you want to see this movie than the recent domestic one.

When 20th Century Fox posted the new domestic trailer for Dark Phoenix last week, an informal canvassing of comments on a variety of film and geek sites seemed to indicate that the clip went over with more or less a thud. Fans argued that the movie looked too much like a remake of 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand -- which was partially based on the same famous story from the comics -- while not significantly upgrading it.

But now a new overseas trailer is out there on the interwebs, and not only does it have a whole bunch of new footage, but it lays out the story and the stakes in a far more coherent fashion. It creates a much clearer conflict for the X-Men and for Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), while also providing a little more context and motivation for the appearance of the mysterious alien character played by Jessica Chastain. Take a look:

The footage of the X-Men's voyage into space makes it clearer than the team is on a rescue mission to save astronauts on a damaged space shuttle when Jean is accidentally left outside their craft and attacked by the entity known as the Phoenix Force in the comics. The dialogue between Jean and Chastain's character also indicates that the latter has been following and studying the Force for some time, and that it has found the right host in Jean ("That power destroyed everything it ever came into contact with," explains Chastain. "Until you.")

As the Phoenix Force grows in strength, Jean's struggle to control both the entity and its effects on her own powers and mental state is given a little more depth in the international trailer. Whether this turns her into the tragic character that made the arc in the comics into a bona fide classic is something that remains to be seen. 

There is also less emphasis here on the ongoing Professor X-Magneto conflict, which has been the core of many of the X-movies -- in fact, Michael Fassbender's Magneto has a more greatly reduced presence in this trailer than the domestic one, only showing up toward the very end. The death of a major character has not been presented right at the front end of the trailer either, placed instead halfway through in a way that arguably makes it seem more consequential and dramatic.

It's also worth noting that the movie's onscreen title here is X-Men: Dark Phoenix, whereas the U.S. version has dispensed with the X-Men brand, at least for now.

Dark Phoenix is likely to be the last X-Men movie for a long time (unless New Mutants somehow makes it to the screen), so does this trailer get your hopes up for the film more than the one we saw last week? Dark Phoenix opens on June 7.

(via Birth.Movies.Death)

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