International titles for The Last Jedi confirm Star Wars fan theory

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Feb 17, 2017

The title reveal for the latest Star Wars film offered up a whole lot more questions than answers. But now we finally know a little more.

Lucky for us, Star Wars is a global phenomenon, which means Disney has to translate the title into several languages for the international releases. Considering "Jedi" can be both singular and plural, that's a very big deal. Now that Disney has officially announced the French and Spanish titles for The Last Jedi, it seems the phrase is definitely meant plurally. Meaning the last Jedi are likely a group of Jedi, not just Luke (or someone else) going solo.

The official French title for the film will be Star Wars: Les Derniers Jedi, while the Spanish release will have the subtitle Los Últimos Jedi. Both of which use plural, not singular, forms.

Though that at least seems to confirm we'll be dealing with two or more Jedi, there's still a lot we don't know. Does it refer to just a handful of Jedi, like Luke or Rey (or even Kylo Ren), or perhaps a whole new order of Jedi out there kicking around that we haven't seen yet?

(via Comic Book)

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