Intimidating new Arrow concept art reveals best look yet at Deathstroke 2.0

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:27 AM EDT (Updated)

After being teased for a season and a half, we finally have modern-day Deathstroke wreaking havoc in Arrow's Starling City. Now we know exactly what he should look like.

Some Deathstroke 2.0 sketches created by costume designer Maya Mani and illustrator Andy Poon have trickled out online, showing the full, imposing awesomeness we can expect to see later this season. Yeah, Arrow is definitely going to have his hands full with this dude.

In a blog post about the designs, Poon explained that the look was inspired by everything from SWAT team body armor, to the classic comic design, to medieval suits. Here’s an excerpt of the description:

"I looked up every single version of him that has been done to find key elements but also things that has been done. Almost everything has been the only strong direction is to stick to the style of the show and ground him. The Arkham version is super cool but has a lot of more fantastic elements that I can stay away from, his armors are almost a bit medieval inspired. I was also excited when Costume Designer Maya Mani told me that they are finally open to more hard body armor and even some colors other than the black and greys!" 

The detail work is pretty epic, and even though it’s just a sketch, Deathstroke looks positively armed to the teeth. Gun, sword, grenades, little pockets that are surely filled with other evil devices — all here and accounted for. For a refresher on Deathstroke, check out his murderously awesome modern-day debut scene below.

(Via Comic Book Movie)