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WIRE Buzz: Into the Dark Christmas episode teaser; Disney+ to go after adults; more

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Nov 20, 2019, 7:40 PM EST

In the first teaser trailer for Into the Dark's second Christmas-themed episode, a boss hunts down potential candidates for a coveted job position. It's a fight to the death over something as trivial as a promotion, but hey, you gotta play dirty sometimes if you want to climb that corporate ladder. 

Titled "A Nasty Piece of Work," the episode looks like a combination of The Purge and Ready or Not. The Purge comparison is especially apt since Blumhouse is a producer of the show.

Watch the trailer below and tell us we're wrong...

Written by Paul Soter and directed by Charles Hood (In the Vault), the upcoming holiday installment co-stars Julian Sands (Warlock), Dustin Milligan (Schitt's Creek), Angela Sarafyan (Westworld), Kyle Howard (Orange County), Molly Hagan (Sully), and Natalie Hall (Only the Brave).

"A Nasty Piece of Work" debuts on Hulu Friday, Dec. 6.

Speaking with Recode at Code Media 2019 in Los Angeles, Disney+ head honcho, Kevin Mayer, talked about how the new subscription streaming service from the Mouse House isn't just for young people.

“We are adding more stuff that’s aimed at grown-ups. There’s a lead time to create really high quality original programming," he says in the video below. "So, we have to be happy coming on and [there has to be] a cadence that we think is the right cadence that we can ... make sure it’s high quality. We don’t want to rush things through just to have volume. That’s not our philosophy; we always want to do fewer things better ... That’s been our philosophy since Bob [Iger]'s been CEO, actually. We do that in the studio, we do that in television production [and] we’re doing that here. That’s important to us to do that, so we’re not going to be flooding the market with a bunch of originals."

The big series on Disney+ is the platform's launch title, The Mandalorian. Just two episodes in and Star Wars fans are already going berserk for the adorable "Baby Yoda." Episode 3 premieres this Friday.

“Disney+ is a four quadrant service," continued Mayer. "The Mandalorian is an adult entry point. It’s family-friendly, kids can watch it, but it’s an adult entry point and we have plenty of programming [that has] adult entry points — from a movie format and from an original service format that we’re gonna be putting on the service. It’s really not just for kids. I want to be emphatic about that."

Jessica Drew is about to embark on a web-tastic journey in a brand-new Spider-Woman comic from writer Karla Pacheco (Punisher Annual, Fantastic Four 2099) and artist Pere Perez (Uncanny X-Men).

“I love Spider-Woman, and I'm incredibly excited to share this series with both new and old Jessica Drew fans alike. This is big, can't-miss, over-the-top action, some very surprising ‘venom blasts from the pasts,’ and also a TON of helicopter explosions,” Pacheco said in a statement to “It's a super fun adventure with a lot of twists and turns... and seriously, so many helicopter explosions. We're taking Jess bigger and badder than she's ever been before, and I can't wait for readers to see what we've cooked up.”

While the synopsis is incredibly vague at this time, you can expect Jessica to square off with "an all-new enemy!" when she takes on a job that lands her "in a web of intrigue, surrounded by unknown forces bent on her destruction."

As of late, Drew has been a major part of the comic book movie conversation with some fans and outlets wondering if Spider-Woman could enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the third Spider-Man film with Tom Holland. For example, We Got This Covered, reports that the trilogy capper is looking to cast a “Bond-girl type international agent.” 

Of course, it's only just rumors at this point in time, but it seems like sheer insanity to let such a beloved character go unused in the live-action space for this long.

Even if she doesn't make it into the MCU, Jessica could still show up in Sony's animated Spider-Verse, which is already developing an all-female spinoff project. If Madame Web, a somewhat obscure member of the Spidey family, can get her own movie, then why not Spider-Woman?

Spider-Woman's fresh solo comic book adventure begins in March.