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Into the Dark: Deadly romance blossoms in trailer for Hulu's Valentine's Day terror 'Tentacles'

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Jan 28, 2021, 9:05 AM EST

What better to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a psychosexual horror-thriller episode of Hulu and Blumhouse TV's Into the Dark?

The romantic installment for February is titled "Tentacles," and follows a young Los Angeles couple — Tara (Freaky's Dana Drori) and Sam (In the Dark's Casey Deidrick) — who fall madly in love with each other. As times goes on, the honeymoon period comes to a screeching halt and their newfound romance "transforms into something terrifying," teases the official synopsis. 

SYFY WIRE can exclusively debut the terrifying trailer for "Tentacles," and let's just say that a heart-shaped box of fancy chocolates and a bouquet of red roses aren't going to solve the supernatural (and borderline Lovecraftian) hijinks going on here.

Check it out below:

Evan Williams (Versailles) and Kasey Elise (Boomerang Kids) co-star alongside Drori and Deidrick.

Clara Aranovich (In the Dark) directed the episode from a script by Alexandra Pechman (Channel Zero). Pechman and Nick Antosca (Antlers) came up with the central story. Aranovich, Antosca, Jason Blum, Jeremy Gold, Marci Wiseman, Alexander Koehne, Lauren Downey, Alex Hedlund, and John Hegeman serve as executive producers.

Here's the steamy poster:

Credit: Hulu/Blumhouse TV

"Tentacles" will premiere Friday, Feb. 12 on Hulu — the first episode of the horror anthology to premiere since last July's "The Current Occupant." Per Variety, "Tentacles" was shot amid the COVID-19 pandemic with strict health safety guidelines in place.

"This episode made it through impossible odds of being shut down back in March due to the pandemic, and we didn’t know when or if we’d get to continue," Deidrick wrote on Instagram. "Thank you to all of the front line workers, the nurses swabbing our brains every day."