Introducing the Bad Astronomy Blog

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Mar 13, 2005

So, it's come to this.

Perhaps it's been too long coming. If you've read the site, you know I have a lot to say, maybe too much. There's a boatload of astronomy out there, Bad and Good, and not enough time to write up whole pages about it. Plus, sometimes I just think of stuff (the bane of the thinker), and I might want to make a short, pithy comment for the Curious Masses out there.

So here you go. The BABlog. I may have a contest later on how to pronounce that. In my head, it kinda comes out "blah blog". Anyway, it was either this or do a podcast, and a podcasting friend of mine told me how much effort a 'cast would be. So now I'm blogging, because I'm nothing if not least effort.

The next entry will have actual content. I promise. Until then, welcome, and take an hour or two to poke around the main Bad Astronomy site.

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