io9: firehose o’ scifi

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Jan 21, 2008

io9 is a newish blog-like thing with rapid-fire updates, gossip, and photos from the world of science fiction. It's actually very cool, catering precisely to folks like me: science fiction fans who have grown up, take it semi-seriously, but like the occasional cup of snark. The writers clearly love (and are extremely intimate with) the genre and have lots of cool stuff on the blog (though they seemed to have liked the suckfest that was Pitch Black), and their insider info is impressive.

It's actually hard to pin down their topics. They have a post on scifi t-shirts, and another on Clinton era scifi, as well as the odd science fact article or two.

All in all I really recommend it. But it's not for the faint of heart: they update a lot. It's can be hard to keep up; I missed a week (blogging the AAS) and came home to 140+ posts! Most are easy to scan through, but yikes. But read it if you have the time; it's worth it.

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