Iris, Killer Frost and Felicity take on super-powered Katee Sackhoff in the latest Flash

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Nov 7, 2017, 11:15 PM EST

With the men of Team Flash sidelined at an out-of-control bachelor party, the ladies get to take on an adventure all their own — and save the day in the process. Oh, and Arrow regular Felicity even tags along for the ride.

Spoilers ahead for “Girls Night Out,” the latest episode of The CW’s Flash, which aired Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

The show might be called The Flash, but this season has been doing a fantastic job of taking care of its female characters. The start of the year was framed from Iris’ point of view, and we’ve seen her grow into a strong and capable leader within the team. Caitlin seems to always get the short end of the stick (first her fiancee is killed, then her love interest Julian was written off between seasons with nary an explanation), but now the writers have finally struck on a story that can give her something to chew on a bit tastier than nodding along in the background.

This week’s episode, “Girls Night Out,” moved the needle by dropping a case in Iris, Caitlin/Killer Frost, Felicity, and Cecile’s capable hands. Dibny conveniently takes the guys to a strip club where they have to hand over their cellphones, so the ladies have to help back up Caitlin and stop a potential metahuman drug outbreak in the process. Bringing Felicity over from Arrow was a wise move this episode, giving the ladies of Team Flash some backup while simultaneously showing just how much Felicity has grown into her own role as a hero.

The mystery of what’s happening to Caitlin has been hanging over the entire season, and it came to a head beautifully with the introduction of Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff as Amunet Black (complete with a deliciously evil accent), an underground metahuman criminal who runs her own black market for shady wares.



Turns out Killer Frost spent the summer break working for Amunet, and when Caitlin returned to Team Flash, Amunet did not take the rejection very well. So she pulls Caitlin back into her orbit to try and cut her in on a metahuman drug deal (built around another new metahuman created during Barry’s exit from the Speed Force).

For the first time in a long time, Danielle Panabaker actually had a story worth telling, and she did a great job with the material. She showed the struggle raging inside her between Caitlin and Killer Frost, and we learned a bit more about how their dynamic works (as Felicity enthusiastically notes, she’s like the Incredible Hulk). Killer Frost isn’t all bad, as we’ve seen before, and now Caitlin is slowly starting to achieve an equilibrium inside herself. Sackhoff is expected to stick around for a few more episodes, so this story is certainly far from over, but it made for an excellent payoff to the slow-boil story of Killer Frost.

The friendship (or lack thereof) between Caitlin and Iris was also a key plot this week, as “Girls Night Out” addressed the fact that — despite working together the past few years — they’ve never really bonded all that much. Iris tries to put an end to that divide by asking Caitlin to be her maid of honor, and it’s certainly high time these two become more than just work friends. This was one of the first episodes to actually spin them off together, so here’s hoping it's just the first of many side adventures for the ladies of Team Flash.

Assorted musings



*Drunk Barry continues to be the best Barry, and since they needed a way to keep him sidelined, this was a perfectly hilarious subplot to accomplish that goal. From screaming his secret identity at the strip club, to crying over the end of Titanic, to his teary-eyed love of chicken wings. We need more drunk Barry.

*Dibny continues to be an excellent, outside-the-box addition to Team Flash. This crew has always been a very strait-laced group, and he brings a sleazy charm that balances that dynamic quite nicely. They need someone to get them in a bit of trouble, and he's the perfect shot of goofball to do it. 

*Harry and his hand sanitizer. Dude is always prepared.

*The line: “That is some crazy logic and it means I’m in, too.” - Felicity

*“Or did I?” Barry trying to use his powers to run to the bar by just wiggling around in his chair. It was a quick joke, but a great one.

*Look, it was awesome to have the ladies of Team Flash get the spotlight this week. But literally saying “Hashtag Feminism” is just too cheesy. Nope.

*It may not have worked, like, at all, but it was still great to see Felicity and Iris armed to the teeth with sci-fi guns ready to shut down that drug deal.

*After stringing this story out for about as long as it needed to go, Caitlin has officially come clean to the team about her lingering struggles with Killer Frost. Getting that out in the open is good, because if the Arrowverse does one thing, it keeps needless secrets by the bucketload. Great to get this one out in the open.

*The Thinker is still wandering around the fringes of the picture, and it seems the ladies put a bump in his plan by freeing the Weeper. So he flew in on his magic wheelchair to take care of business himself.

Next week: Elongated Man finally hits the field as a superhero. Well, a superhero-in-training, at least judging by his 1.0 costume.