Luke Cage and Iron Fist

Iron Fist, Luke Cage reportedly suffered huge social media declines before cancellation

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Oct 24, 2018, 3:53 PM EDT (Updated)

Before Iron Fist and Luke Cage got kicked to Netflix’s curb, there was at least one warning sign. We’re not talking about viewership numbers for the Marvel shows, because the streaming service doesn’t release any data regarding consumer interest in, well, anything. We’re talking about the other big platform that’s taken over binge watching: social media.

According to Business Insider, new data shows that while all the Marvel shows took dramatic hits in the realm of internet buzziness after their first seasons, Iron Fist and Luke Cage were those hit hardest. Using data from consumer-insights company Crimson Hexagon, a few charts display the amount of posts on Twitter and Instagram regarding each show from their debut to their most recent episodes. The numbers aren’t pretty.

Iron Fist dropped almost 100,000 conversations in volume between its first season’s premiere and its second, ending with a mere 20,000 Instagram and Twitter posts. That’s like 30 live-tweets. Luke Cage had a similarly huge drop, but with much higher highs. Marvel’s blaxploitation take on the show got fans hyped, generating over 300,000 conversations on Twitter and Instagram upon its release. Season 2's premiere couldn’t reach 50,000.

These two suffered the biggest drops in consumer interest — which is what we’ll have to go with until Netflix gives out some stats — but Jessica Jones and Daredevil suffer from the same diminishing returns. Jessica Jones’ conversations were cut in half between S1 and S2, while Daredevil has consistently dropped about 50,000 each season (but is by far the most consistently discussed).

If fans were looking for warning signs, here they are. Sure, the Iron Fist social sentiment was much more negative than say, Daredevil’s, but the point is the number. Netflix doesn’t care if you’re hate-watching. But if you’re not watching at all... that’s when we start to lose superheroes.