Iron Fist Season 2 on the way with Daughters of the Dragon

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:16 AM EDT (Updated)

Iron Fist is getting another shot at solo stardom. The worst-reviewed solo property in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (TV or film) is none-the-less renewed for a Season 2. Marvel TV Head Jeph Loeb announced the renewal early in the Defenders panel at San Diego Comic-Con Friday night.

While some fans may have thought Iron Fist and Luke Cage would join together for a Heroes for Hire series, that's not the case -- but a cast member from Luke Cage is joining the show.

Misty Knight (Simone Missick), the second half of the "Daughters of the Dragon" with existing Iron Fist star Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), will join the series, and yes, they will team up. That's exciting for fans who loved each actress on their own series, and who squealed with excitement when Wing announced herself as "The Daughter of the Dragon" in the third episode of Iron Fist Season 1.

Interestingly, in the pages of Marvel Comics, the primary love interest for Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is Knight, not Wing -- it remains to be seen whether they'll go in that direction on the show, which paired Rand and Wing in Season 1.

No timeline was given for when we might see Iron Fist Season 2, though there are quite a few Marvel Netflix series ahead of it in line. This year marks the first time we'll have three Marvel Netflix shows air in one calendar year. Iron Fist debuted earlier this year, Defenders drops August 18, 2017, and The Punisher launches later in the year, likely November, though no date has been confirmed yet. After those, there is a third season of Daredevil, and second seasons of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones on the way. Those last two are in production now, Loeb announced.

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