Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce reveals details of his unproduced Marvel projects

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Feb 7, 2014, 12:39 PM EST

Though it took Iron Man 3 for Drew Pearce to finally get his big break with Marvel, the screenwriter has been cranking out comic-based projects for them behind the scenes for years.

Pearce impressed the higher-ups at Marvel with his work on The Runaways, based on the (absolutely awesome) comic run by Brian K. Vaughan about a group of teens who run away from their supervillain parents. Though that project is still languishing in development hell, Pearce kept plugging along and eventually scored the Iron Man 3 gig.

After the success of the latest Iron Man sequel, Pearce has a bit more clout, and got the chance to write the latest one-shot, All Hail the King, starring Ben Kinglsey. But that isn’t the only short he’s written. Turns out Pearce has also worked on a few other Marvel shorts that haven’t seen the light of day. At least, not yet.

He told Total Film:

“I wish that my life were as simple as Marvel badgering me to develop a One Shot for them! I'd been trying to direct and write a One Shot for Marvel since Runaways was picked up, because the One Shot program comes in and out of existence at points, and you have to will the shorts to happen. [Marvel exec] Kevin [Feige] is always excited to try to make them happen, and sometimes they need a bit of a push, and the push on this one was Sir Ben…

Oh, gosh [I’ve worked on] lots of them. One that was Sin and Crossbones (from Captain America). I love Jessica Jones, and while obviously Jessica Jones and Alias is now going to exist in the Netflix part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), I'd always obsessively been trying to put her in stuff I'd been working with Marvel on… but about three or four other ones, too. My Marvel obsession with Damage Control is still there… but it's pretty difficult to make into a short. The clue is in the title that you have to do a lot of damage to then control it - and that's not really in the budget of a short movie. I just think it's got huge potential as a franchise.”

Wow. It’s interesting to see that some of the properties they’d looked to expand on in one-shots are now popping up in full-fledged series and film sequels, and it’s great that they’ve kept Pearce around (despite that most of his projects haven’t actually happened).

The one that has us most excited is also his oldest project on the books: Runaways. The comic is stellar, and the initial arc of the comic is the perfect pitch for a film adaptation. Considering Pearce’s unique writing style, we’d be fascinated to get a look at how this could turn out on the big screen. Sadly, it’s still on the shelf, and Pearce said he doesn’t know if it’ll ever happen. But he’s still holding out hope:

“I wish I knew if The Runaways had a place in Phase 3. I'm not close enough to the core. I don't work for Marvel, so I don't have a sense of the Master Plan other than when tiny crumbs are passed to me! I'm still super-proud of the script. I think it's a brilliant film in the making — not necessarily because of my script, but because of Brian K Vaughan's excellent idea. I know Kevin's still a big fan of the script that's there in the vault. Whether it finds its way onto the runway for Phase 3, I have no idea, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.”

Out of all these projects, which ones do you wish would actually happen?

(Via Total Film)