Is DC secretly developing a new Rorschach comic for Doomsday Clock?

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Sep 29, 2017

Rorschach’s Journal: On September 26, writer Tom King tweeted a mysterious black-and-white image of a secret project of his. Someone at DC Comics knows why. Down there, somebody knows …

The picture shows a severed hand on what appears to be a snow-covered area as two unknown figures kneel beside it. “Sneak peek at a new (secret) thing,” reads the caption.

An hour after this image came online, comic artist Jason Fabok tweeted a snowy black-and-white photo of his own with the caption: “Working on a secret project with a secret writer....Here's a secret sneak peak! Lots of SNOW!”

These two pieces of evidence have led outlets such as Comic Book Resources to postulate that King (current scribe on the main, bimonthly Batman comics) and Fabok (artist on several Batman and Justice League books) are working on a solo comic for the Watchmen character of Rorschach, the ink-blotted, red-haired investigator in Alan Moore and David Gibbons’ beloved graphic novel. But how does a picture of a lone hand on the ground and an even more enigmatic image of a snowstorm insinuate such a conclusion?

It’s simple, really. Near the end of Watchmen, Rorschach threatened to reveal Adrian Veidt’s (aka Ozymandias) dastardly plan of leveling a good chunk of New York City with a fake alien threat to the world. Feeling that the plan would do humanity more good than harm in the long run, Dr. Manhattan vaporizes poor Rorschach into an ink blot of blood and viscera right outside of Veidt’s Antarctic lair, where snow is quite abundant. So it is quite possible that a larger chunk of the antihero survived and can be used to somehow revive him for a new solo series.



However, the Watchmen—or at least allusions to the original characters—have already cropped up in DC’s Rebirth initiative with the appearance of The Comedian’s blood-stained smiley pin. We also recently saw Rorschach’s journal being read by none other than the Dark Knight himself. Moreover, the upcoming Doomsday Clock series by Geoff Johns and Harry Frank plans to merge the world of Watchmen with that of every other DC superhero, which were mutually exclusive universes until Rebirth.

Would a solo Rorschach comic be cool? Absolutely. Would it work is another question entirely. A Rorschach-centric limited series of four issues was already released in 2012 to lukewarm reception as part of the Before Watchmen titles. Then there’s the creators to think about. Gibbons seems to be cool with any adaptation or spin-off of the graphic novel, while Alan Moore vehemently disavows any such projects, such as films based on his comics. And to be fair, the movie versions of his works have usually been sub-par at best. How would he feel about a revived Rorschach series? Probably not super receptive to the idea.

Maybe we just should let that puddle of Rorschach lying on the frozen tundra rest in peace? Or do you think the DC universe is ready to have him roaming the streets?


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