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Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle)Yes, Fillion is getting a little too old to pull off a young version of anybody, but he could absolutely kill it as Han Solo. Heck, his Firefly character Capt. Mal Reynolds was already about 60 percent Han Solo to start with.

Is Nathan Fillion teasing a role in that long-gestating Uncharted movie?

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Jul 12, 2018, 11:52 AM EDT

The Uncharted video game series — which follows a roguish treasure hunter a la Indiana Jones — has been teasing fans with a movie for almost a decade. Now, thanks to one particularly rugged actor, its audience is about to go into a speculation frenzy over its newfound treasure.

With Tom Holland and director Shawn Levy already on board, the only more exciting actor they could land was...well, Nathan Drake lookalike himself, Nathan Fillion.

As reported by The Wrap, Fillion posted a tease on his Instagram that could very well hint at his involvement with the Uncharted franchise — though whether it’s the film or video game side is still up in the air.

Fillion’s post — a photo of rapper Drake — included the Latin caption “Sic Parvis Magna,” aka “Greatness from small beginnings,” aka the motto of British privateer Sir Francis Drake — who happens to be the (supposed) ancestor of Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake. Still following? The Uncharted series is no stranger to convuluted connections, but this one may need a visual aid.

And the date! “7/16/2018” is soon and means that confirmation of some of these speculative details might soon become concrete. This comes after a long history of interest in the series, including rousing his Firefly fans to lobby for his involvement via way back in 2010 when the movie adaptation of Uncharted was first announced:

Fillion, who’s now a bit older than the hero in his main iteration during the series, could potentially play Sully, the mustachioed mentor who chomps cigars and saves skins in equal measure. If Sony is sticking with Holland playing a young Drake, Fillion would match up well to play a spry Sully. While not the casting fans might've wanted almost a decade ago, it would certainly rev up the engines of a particular subset of fans.

As for the idea that Fillion could be teasing a role in an upcoming video game? No new Uncharted game has been announced, though spinoff sequel The Lost Legacy has done well (and without Nathan Drake as its protagonist). It stands to reason another game could be on the horizon, because the franchise is a juggernaut, but Fillion's role would once again remain a mystery. At least for now. 

We hopefully only have a few days left to wait until we get some answers on July 16.

What do you think? Is Fillion helping bring Uncharted to the big screen? Joining a new game? Just royally trolling us all?