Mark Hamill in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Is Skywalker being groomed for a return? Clean-cut Mark Hamill prompts Star Wars theories

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Sep 25, 2019, 12:51 PM EDT (Updated)

There was no close shave about it, Luke Skywalker died an honorable death at the end of The Last Jedi, when he sacrificed himself to help the Resistance and then vanished into thin air.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean he won't be back in some shape or form – and after posting a recent selfie to Twitter, some fans have been hinting that Mark Hamill could already be back in the fold for Star Wars Episode IX.

Revealing a freshly-shaven, clean-cut new look, Hamill got folks talking that his change of facial hair could mean he's being groomed for a return to the franchise, which has already begun production in England. In the pic, Hamill can be seen holding up a cane with the face of The Joker, a character that he has previously voiced.

While he made no mention of anything Star Wars-related, that didn’t stop the Twitterverse from speculating that it could spell a return for Skywalker, in either a flashback sequence or even as a clean-cut Force ghost.

One fan noted Hamill had shaved off the beard between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi to play the Trickster in The CW's The Flash, so there's obviously precedent. Hamill also recently filmed a TV movie titled Relatively Super which could have explained the sudden change of style.

We know what you’re thinking. This could all end up a laughable mess in the way it did for poor Henry Cavill in Justice League. Cavill famously had to grow a moustache for his role in Mission Impossible 6, and kept it on while he went back for reshoots as Superman. Let's just hope if he does return and there is going to be any CGI wizardry involved with Hamill, J.J. Abrams does a better job of making it look au naturel.

What's your take on Hamill’s facial hair? Give us your expert opinion in the comments below.

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