Is Benedict Cumberbatch a Trek dunce, or master of subversion?

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Dec 17, 2012

It seems like the more we learn, the less it all makes sense. Star Trek 2 star Benedict Cumberbatch recently tried to answer a few basic Trek questions, but he came off as seemingly clueless about even the most basic tenets of Trek. Or is he?

The folks over at MTV decided to give Cumberbatch a little Trek quiz, but instead of answers, the best he could muster were a few Mork and Mindy jokes. But is he really that Trek-illiterate, or is he just playing dumb?

Cumberbatch claims he doesn't know what a Klingon is, and makes a joke about broken fingers when shown the traditional Vulcan "live long and prosper" split-finger salute.

"I think it's best to, like a lot of acting you do, you have to start from a knowledge base of zero in order to have every experience that you're portraying again and again and again feel like fresh," Cumberbatch said dryly. "So I purposefully made no attempt to learn anything about anything."

But the bit that may have tipped his hand? When asked what he knows about the SS Botany Bay, the ship used by famed Trek villain Khan, Cumberbatch maintained his clueless veneer—which is strange, since it's been all but confirmed that he is playing Khan in Trek 2.

Hmm. Seems a little too fishy. What do you think? Is Cumberbatch really a Trek dunce, or just acting a fool?

(Via MTV)

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