Is that Daredevil movie dead? According to one director—yes

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Dec 17, 2012

The chances of seeing a Daredevil reboot from Twentieth Century Fox seem to keep getting slimmer. First, director David Slade backed off the project to work on TV, and now another big-name director is lamenting that his plans for the Man Without Fear might be dead.

With Slade out of the mix, Fox has been searching for another director to fill his shoes, and one strong candidate for the job is Joe Carnahan, who had a hit earlier this year with The Grey. Just last week, Carnahan was so up on the project that he tweeted this:

But it seems that excitement might have been premature. Late last night Carnahan again took to Twitter to say this:

Whether this means the entire project is in trouble, or just Carnahan's version of it, is unclear, but he's definitely right in saying time is not on Fox's side. They need to get some kind of Daredevil flick in production this fall or they'll likely lose the rights to Marvel. Many fans would welcome a return of the character to its home, but returning Daredevil's move to Marvel could mean that some of these filmmakers never get another shot at the character. Plus, the move would mean that Marvel then has to start the production process from scratch, and that means it'll be that much longer before we get our Daredevil movie.

What do you think? Are you pulling for Fox to make it happen, or would you rather see Daredevil back at Marvel, even if it means waiting longer for a movie?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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