Is Jon Favreau the George Lucas of tomorrow?

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

There's only one thing that would cause Jon Favreau to set aside his work on Iron Man 2—a call from George Lucas. The Star Wars director hand-picked Favreau to interview him when he's honored with the Gene Siskel Film Center Visionary Award for Innovation in Filmmaking at Chicago's Four Seasons Hotel next Saturday.

"It is hard to drop everything when you're on a film this big," Favreau recently told the Chicago Tribune. "But the Art Institute asked me to fly to Chicago for George. Nothing short of the death of a close relative would stop me from boarding that plane."

Chicago Tribune reporter Christopher Borrelli believes that there's a striking similarity between the two directors. He wrote that Favreau is a Hollywood craftsman who "has the potential to equal or surpass the senior filmmaker in craftsmanship and even storytelling ability." Check out his feature article to see if you agree and for further information on the event.

Ticket prices for "An Adventure With George Lucas" start at $400, rising to $50,000 for those who decide to become Visionary Award Sponsors. Proceeds from the event will support film presentations, lecture series and discussions with visiting scholars and filmmakers for public high school students, college students and the Chicago community.