So is [REDACTED] now gone from True Blood for good?

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Dec 17, 2012

If you've been watching the new season of True Blood, you know some threads just recently came to a head—which could mean a certain long-time character is gone for good. So is he/she? Potential True Blood spoilers ahead!

In Sunday's episode of HBO's hit vampire soap, Jim Parrack's character Hoyt took his leave of the show after five years, deciding to forget his troubles and head for an oil rig in Alaska. With a freshly glamoured mind, Hoyt seemingly headed off into the sunset.

In an interview with TV Guide, Parrack opened up about his character's arc, and chimed in on whether this is the end for Hoyt:

"I mean, the real honesty is that I don't know. I know that [executive producer] Alan Ball told me that they didn't want to kill him, that Hoyt's going away because Hoyt's had enough. But Alan was adamant that one of the reasons they wanted to do that was to leave him the option to have a return.

I think that if it did end this way and Hoyt never came back, it would be good storytelling because it's just a complete journey from somebody who was utterly dependent upon other people, never stuck up for himself, or got to think for himself and then to fall in love and all the betrayal and hardships and him saying, "You know what, I've got to take care of myself." I think it told a whole story."

It makes sense, and Hoyt had a great storyline that came to an equally awesome (and heartbreaking) finale. If anything, it would cheapen the true shock to bring him back without a really good reason.

Considering that Bon Temps can be a dangerous place, Parrack said he's glad the writers opted to let Hoyt walk away on his own terms, as opposed to biting the dust on screen:

"The writers have always been so good and so in touch with the actors. What I do like best is I didn't end up stepping on a land mine, or a vampire didn't fall out of a tree and snap my neck or something. It was this progression to this choice being made. The character had experience. He was now going to make a choice and I like that. I like when you see people making choices because change has happened in their life. So I'm glad Hoyt's still alive and I like that it was his choice. He says, 'I'm going to go.'"

What do you think? Were you surprised? Are you going to miss Hoyt?

(Via TV Guide)