Does Jason O'Mara's new gig mean Terra Nova is definitely dead?

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Dec 16, 2012

When FOX recently declared Terra Nova extinct, a lot of fans were left devastated that the sci-fi show was canceled. Then a glimmer of hope arose when it was made clear the Spielberg-led series would be shopped to other networks, and even more so when it was rumored that Netflix may be interested in picking it up.

But with this casting news, it's looking like the ax may be swinging even closer than we thought for Terra Nova's jugular.

Main star Jason O'Mara, who played good cop and family man Jim Shannon on the series, has reportedly just nabbed himself a co-leading role in CBS' upcoming high-profile period drama—set in the 1960s—about a former rodeo cowboy turned longtime sheriff of Las Vegas called Ralph Lamb.

Lamb will be played by actor Dennis Quaid (in his very first foray into serial TV), while O'Mara is set to play Lamb's younger brother, Frank.

We may all be excused in thinking that with this news, things have gotten even more grim for Terra Nova. Actually, they haven't. Not really. Let's just say: Don't count your dino eggs just yet, 'cause there's still some hope, my young padawans! Why is that?

Because this is apparently a "second position booking" for O'Mara, meaning that if Terra Nova DOES indeed get picked up by any network, the Irish actor will have to go back to dinosaur hunting.

What do you think? Is there still some hope for Terra Nova just yet, despite this casting news? Or do you think the death toll is ringing even louder than before for the sci-fi series?

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