Is the latest Supernatural character to die gone for good?

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Dec 16, 2012

As any fan of the CW series Supernatural likely knows, death is rarely the end. Heck, for half the characters on the show, it's usually just the beginning of a new storyline. But it seems the recent passing of one beloved character could be for real, if the actor who plays him is to be believed.


In an interview with TV Guide Magazine, Jim Beaver—aka Bobby Singer—talked about his death a few episodes ago, after taking a bullet to the head from the season's Big Bad. From the way he's talking, and the way the cast and crew said their heartfelt goodbyes, it seems Bobby might be gone for good:

"It was the next to last day because Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles] were not going to be on the set on the last day. The show called a safety meeting, which they do once or twice a season. The entire cast and crew from the top down to the drivers and production assistants are there. I knew something was up when Jared and Jensen were there—they're never already there before me. Instead of playing this safety video, they played a video tribute to everything I'd done on the show. I was pretty verklempt. It was very touching. I said, 'I know now what they're going to play at my funeral.' It was a lovely moment. Coming to the end of the show, knowing I'd be saying goodbye to these cast and crew I love like family, plus the pretty emotional stuff we were shooting that day. I might have gotten something in my eye."

When asked his thoughts on how Bobby's story wrapped up, Beaver said he was pleased with the evolution of his character from an early guest star to semi-regular. Plus he went out in almost the exact fashion as his character Whitney Ellsworth on HBO's Deadwood:

"They told me what they had planned, but they also told me the sendoff episode was going to be pretty amazing for me. In fact, one of the execs said, 'If you weren't on The CW, you'd win an Emmy.' It was a little bit of déjà vu, because I had something extremely similar happen on Deadwood, where an executive producer pulled me aside and said, 'We're going to shoot you in the head.' ... I have exactly the same response to this as I had to Deadwood: I don't like it, but dramatically it's absolutely the right thing to do. In both shows, my character's demise was a catalyst for real dramatic shifts in the show."

Though he may not pop back up on Supernatural anytime soon, Beaver will be back on the small screen this season on the FX series Justified. He has reportedly signed on for a multi-episode stint in the cop show's current third season.