Did Joss Whedon sneak a Dollhouse veteran into The Avengers?

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Dec 17, 2012

Ever since the news broke that Joss Whedon would be directing The Avengers, there have been rumors about various members of the Whedonverse popping up in either cameos or supporting roles—Nathan Fillion as Ant-Man being a favorite. But one Joss-ite has taken to Twitter to reveal ... something.

If Whedon can do one thing—besides killing characters in heartbreakingly random ways—it's find and nurture new acting talent. And few of his shows had as deep a bench as Dollhouse: Amy Acker, Harry Lennix, Miracle Laurie, Fran Kranz and the real chameleonic surprise of the bunch, Enver Gjokaj.

And even though we'll likely not see any new adventures with Gjokaj's "Active," Victor, he did drop a pseudo-hint-non-denial of where we'll see him next. When asked about any potential involvement with The Avengers, Gjokaj took to Twitter with the following:

When someone says their can neither confirm nor deny something, that means the answer is yes. Just like a "maybe" from your parents always meant "no."

So, who do you think he could be playing?

(via Shadowlocked)

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