Is there no future for the Terminator film franchise? Christian Bale speaks

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Is the Terminator film franchise terminated? Star Christian Bale had something to say about it today.

While doing press a while back for Terminator Salvation, director McG and his screenwriters Michael Ferris and John Brancato kept teasing that they had ideas for two more sequels to make a new trilogy. Of course, they would never presume to discuss specific plotlines before the audience gave them the thumbs-up that they wanted more.

Then Salvation opened to a lukewarm reception and saw its box office plummet in its second week. The expected announcements of Terminators 5 and 6 have not come. Yet.

Now Bale, who played a grown-up John Connor, confirmed that there has been no development on his end for a fifth Terminator.

"We've had no talks about it or discussions about it," Bale said at a press conference in Beverly Hills, Calif., today to promote Public Enemies. Perhaps McG did not get the pat on the back he was hoping for from the audience?

Still, this is the kind of franchise that signs actors for multiple films, especially A-list actors in starring roles such as John Connor. Bale indicated that his involvement was not contractually guaranteed. "It all purely depends upon script," Bale said.

Terminator Salvation took place in 2018, when Connor takes the lead in the human resistance while trying to come to terms with a new kind of cyborg who believes he is human. The film's epilogue suggests that Connor will continue to lead the resistance in other parts of the world after destroying Skynet's San Francisco headquarters.