Is this really what the alien in J.J. Abrams' Super 8 looks like?

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Dec 14, 2012

The Star Trek director is famous for the secrecy with which he shrouds his films while they're in production. So is this truly the concept art of his Big Alien Bad?

The Paramount logo and Bad Robot name in the indicia lend some validity to this image, which comes from an IMDB user who had this to say about where it came from:

"So, my friend's brother's wife works for a company that does marketing for films, video games, music, etc. Occasionally she'll get chain mails from these companies, which aren't supposed to go to them. A few days ago she received a chain mail intended for the production staff within Paramount."

Is it the real deal? Who knows? As Movieweb put it: "We'll only know if this is authentic by how soon we are told to take it down." But if it IS the genuine article, I kinda wish it didn't look so much like something out of Ben 10.

(via Movieweb)

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