Is this what Nicolas Cage's Superman would have looked like?

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

If you think Superman Returns is bad ... (which we don't, BTW, but that's another story) ... imagine how much more awful it would have been if Tim Burton had been allowed to make his Nicolas Cage version of the movie. At least if we are to judge by this Japanese fan video, which is sweeping the Internet; watch it after the jump.

The concept designs and images lead up to what appears to be a test photo of Cage, replete with his stringy Con Air hair, in a Burtonized Superman outfit, and the entire effect is ghastly and horrible.

Personally, I think the image of Cage is a fake, but I can't prove it, and in any case enough people think it's genuine to warrant a collective sigh of relief. Enjoy the disaster that might have been.

(Thanks to Devin at C.H.U.D. for finding it first.)