Here's who'll replace Peter Weller in the Robocop reboot

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Dec 16, 2012

MGM has searched high and low for an actor good enough to star in its Robocop remake. Michael Fassbender's too busy and Russell Crowe's not interested, so who's left? The studio has turned its attention to an actor who's made a "killing" on TV.

According to Deadline, MGM has offered Joel Kinnaman the title role in the new RoboCop. Most recently, the Swedish actor appeared in the thriller Safe House opposite Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. But most audiences know him from his role as Stephen Holder on AMC's The Killing.

Peter Weller originated the title role in Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop, which debuted in 1987. The movie spawned two big-screen sequels and even a short-lived TV series. Over the past few years, MGM has been trying to produce a remake, and it's finally coming together.

To say that Kinnaman is an interesting choice is an understatement. He might be able to pull off Alex Murphy, but can he handle the cyborg suit?

Jose Padilha will direct RoboCop from a script written by Josh Zetumer.

Can you see Kinnaman as RoboCop? Is he the right choice?

(via Deadline)