Is Will Smith's Hancock 2 finally getting a little momentum?

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Dec 17, 2012

Like the namesake character in Will Smith's weird hobo superhero flick Hancock, talk of a sequel just refuses to die.

The latest tidbit comes from producer Peter Berg, who recently mentioned that work on Hancock 2 is still moving forward. He said he believes the concept still has a lot of potential, and that interest would be high to see a return to that world.

"There was a phone call. That's movement. We had a phone call last week and [producer] Akiva [Goldsman] and Will Smith were on the phone. Everyone's got ideas, and everyone seems energized," Berg told MTV. "It's very encouraging. I'm just coming off a world tour for Battleship. Will's coming off a world tour for Men In Black. Everywhere we go around the world, [Hancock] is really loved. In Korea and Russia and Tokyo and Australia, all over Europe, everyone wants to know about it, so it's definitely gotten us thinking."

Though he didn't offer any new details storywise, he has previously said he'd like to explore the relationship between Smith's character and Charlize Theron's fellow demigod.

"We're looking at exploring their relationship prior to when we first met them and seeing a bit of what happened as a prequel," Berg told MTV. "I think we danced around the concept of an origins and we settled on something that is very substantive. That will part of the sequel."

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Hancock 2?

(Via MTV)

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