The island might be scarier than the Arctic in new trailer for Helix S2

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Jan 2, 2015, 1:06 PM EST

We’re just a few weeks away from the return of Ronald D. Moore’s sci-fi series Helix, and the latest trailer shows off some freaky new footage.

Dubbed “Pray,” the new trailer offers up a bit more insight into exactly what we’ll find on the mysterious island where the new season picks up. This being one of the more mysterious shows out there, we have no clue exactly how the weirdness on this island connects to the action in the Arctic or the Illaria conspiracy.

It seems the CDC has once again sent a team to help out with an outbreak, this time involving a group of people in a remote island village. It’s hard to tell, exactly, but it seems like some of the cast from season one might’ve also set up shop in this town. Related? Hmm.

Here’s the official synopsis:

After barely escaping with their lives, the survivors of Season One attempt to move on from the horrors that took place at Arctic Biosystems. But when their work takes them to a mysterious and remote wooded island, they quickly discover the Ilaria Corporation's reach is deeper and darker than anyone imagined, and a deadly new virus will present a threat that no one thought possible.

Check out the new trailer below and let us know what you think:

The new season of Helix debuts Jan. 16 on Syfy (Blastr's corporate owner -Ed.). 

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