Isn't it about time we stop with all the hate for Robert Pattinson?

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

We don't think about the Twilight star all that much. But when we do, it's because a deluge of venom gets hurled at him because he's merely rumored to be cast in movies like Daredevil and Akira. Can you remind us why we hate Robert Pattinson?

As an actor, he's no more or less talented than most of his contemporaries. And he's a handsome enough bloke who doesn't seem to be carrying on like a gargantuan tool—and, let's face it, if you suddenly came into hundreds of millions of dollars and the adoration of a multi-generational mass of women, you'd go through a gargantuan tool phase.

Are the Twilight movies any good? No. But since when did the relative quality of an actor's work bear any real impact on the way you felt about him? Bruce Campbell has been in some 99 movies and TV shows, according to IMDB, and you can count the good ones on one hand. And let's not forget: Johnny Depp made both Nick of Time and The Ninth Gate, after being in 21 Jump Street, and no one holds that against him. I don't understand why Channing Tatum continues to get work, but I don't hate him the way people hate Pattinson.

Near as we can tell, his only offense is that he stars in a series that's very popular with half of humanity. Very. Popular. (Okay, his hair is ridiculous, but he wouldn't be the first young heartthrob with dumbass hair.) He's just a dude who, through fortune and work, managed to spin off of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire right into Twilight—and, in so doing, found himself the target of a whole lot of misdirected devotion and sexual ardor. Is that the source of the hate? That a mostly male horde is upset because all that youthful devotion and MILFy ardor isn't directed at them?

Do I like the guy, as an actor? Not really. He's too mannered, too twitchy—he reminds me of an ER-era George Clooney, who could never look anyone in the eye and also, yes, had dumbass hair. But do I think he "ruins" things just by being a part of them? Do I hate him?

Nah, man. I got bigger things to hate. Like Dancing With the Stars and cholesterol.