It’s official: Marvel superheroes are now using dating apps

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Sep 29, 2017

We know dating for superheroes can’t always be easy. It’s not like they can just walk into an Olive Garden for a cheap romantic dinner for two while wearing a large red cape and not get noticed by somebody.

But in the new Mighty Captain Marvel #9 – released this week – it seems things might be getting easier for the Marvel clan after being dragged up to speed in the romance department. How? By giving them their very own dating app, of course.

According to a review from Gizmondo, the comic -- written by Margaret Stohl, with illustrations by Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, and Erick Arciniega -- introduces a Tinder-style dating application that's made especially for superheroes, with the rather genius title of Cloak & Dater. On it, you’ll find everyone from Tony Stark to Thor (who apparently describes himself as an “Asgardian love god.” Oh dear).

The app is introduced into the comic as Captain Marvel, Jessica Jones, and Spider Woman decide to have a girls’ night in to unwind and relax following the catastrophic events of the Secret Empire.

After their usual activities of pizza eating, poker playing, kickboxing, and, um, sightseeing, don’t appear to be working on a forlorn Carol Danvers, the rest of the girls bring out the app in a soon-to-be jinxed attempt at finding her a date.

Cue lots of swiping left on some of Marvel’s most eligible bachelors and some of the funniest dialogue about comic book dating we’ve seen in a long time. And as far as tales of dating disasters go, this one really does take the cake.

Without realizing, the Jessicas hook up Carol with one of her biggest fans, an actor who plays her fictional love interest on the television drama that’s based on her life, Cap’n Marvel. Despite his character being called “Hero Man” on the show, Carol is unsurprisingly left mortified.

Looks like the dating life in the Marvel Universe is pretty similar the one in ours.


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