It’s official: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 will finally introduce Krang

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Jan 11, 2016, 5:59 PM EST (Updated)

The initial trailer dropped some major hints, but now we know for sure — this is the villain for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

Producer Michael Bay was featured in a lengthy interview in Rolling Stone, and though much of the piece focuses on his new Benghazi-based flick 13 Hours, we do get some tidbits related to his producing gig on the TMNT sequel. The big reveal? Krang is definitely the film's Big Bad, and it seems that portal that opens in the middle of Manhattan likely connects to Dimension X.

The choice excerpt finds Bay chatting with FX guru Pablo Helman about the design of Krang. It seems there will be some tentacles, but not too many (and more 'splosions! Probably). Here’s how it goes:

They start with Ninja Turtles animation. Pablo Helman, a visual-effects supervisor who worked on the Star Wars prequels, appears onscreen and shows Bay the latest version of Krang, a new-to-the-movies villain who is, essentially, a disembodied brain inside a giant robot. "So we've eliminated the tentacles," Helman explains. "Is it too monster-ish?"

"He could have some tentacles," says Bay. "I just don't want them coming out of the side. He looks like a stupid octopus." 

Fans had been speculating Krang would make his debut in the sequel, since they’ve already thrown in fellow fan favorites Bebop and Rocksteady. Considering the sequel looks to be a more fun spin on the franchise (at least compared to the somewhat dour first installment of the rebooted series), throwing in Krang is a nice move. Go for broke with the zanier side of the franchise, because that’s what the fans want to see anyway.


(Via Rolling Stone)