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It: Chapter Two debuts first bloody footage at CinemaCon

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Apr 3, 2019, 12:06 PM EDT

Fans know plenty about the final chapter of the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s It. They know It: Chapter Two stars grown-up versions of the Losers Club, they know who plays each member, and they know that the film will close out the story by including one of the bloodiest scenes ever committed to film. Now, some of the first footage has debuted at CinemaCon, letting horror fans get even closer to their closure.

According to Collider, Andy Muschietti (director of both cinematic chapters) introduced the footage alongside some of the series’ iconic red balloons. And fans were immediately transported back to Derry, Maine. It’s Stephen King, what else could be expected? Grown-up Beverly (Jessica Chastain) visits her childhood home — which was already bloody enough in the first film — finding an elderly woman named Mrs. Kersh, who has an ominous warning for her.

The woman says Bev’s father is dead, though, “No one who died here ever really dies.” Yikes. No amount of childhood nostalgia can fix something that creepy. Especially when things take a turn for the worse and Mrs. Kersh displays some unmistakably evil qualities. Skittering. Nakedness. That sort of thing.

That was the big completed scene, but a sizzle reel followed featuring many of the other stars, like Bill Hader, James McAvoy, red balloons, and blood. Those last two are definitely stars of these movies, even if they didn’t make it into the credits. Add in a final sinister “Hello” from Bill Skarsgard‘s Pennywise and It: Chapter Two certainly sounds like it has enough for a terrifying trailer. No word on when that will drop, but this summer shouldn’t go by without plenty of psychological terror.

It all ends when the final chapter hits theaters on Sept. 6.