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It Follows actor Mike Lanier, who played the terrifying Giant Man, dies at 48

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Jun 29, 2018, 1:57 PM EDT

Actor and Guinness Book of World Records-holder Mike Lanier — one of the tallest identical twins in the world — has died at age 48.

According to an obituary posting, Lanier died on April 25 in Troy, Michigan, and news of his passing has begun to circulate past friends and family to the wider genre community after a Reddit post memorialized the actor. The cause of death was not disclosed.

It’s hard to make your mark on the movies. It’s even harder to do it in a single role. But that’s exactly what the 7’ 7” Lanier did with his jaw-dropping turn as the Giant Man of David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows, his only appearance in a major film.

One of the shapeshifted forms of the film’s relentless monster, Lanier’s terrifying performance was the outgrowth of a simple acting hobby, but it's yielded an iconic turn that will no doubt continue haunt the nightmares of audiences for years to come.

You know what we’re talking about:

According to the obituary from a Romeo, Michigan, funeral home, Lanier — a Michigan native — was a husband and father who enjoyed acting in independent films, among other varied interests. His lasting legacy in one of the best modern horror films brought him beyond the record books to plenty of film fans.

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