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IT honest trailer jabs at treatment of Mike, nostalgia

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Jan 21, 2018, 8:13 PM EST (Updated)

Failing to roast the likes of Wonder Woman hasn’t stopped the folks at Honest Trailers from waging their satirical war on last year’s movie previews. They’ve now tackled one of horror’s biggest surprises, Stephen King’s It, and the results are more lighthearted and insightful than expected.

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The folks at Screen Junkies like to poke fun at the absurdities in fiction that ask a bit too much suspension of their disbelief, so of course a spooky clown movie was a ripe target.

The thing is, while their criticism razzes the movie’s production values and the source novel’s mysticism, more under fire is its treatment of Mike (who gets almost nothing to do despite being one of the book’s most important characters) and its nostalgic similarities to a handful of ‘80s dude-group films.

Nitpicking aside, It faces the Pagliacci aria for its faults (minor as they may be) and its damnable status as the latest blockbuster adaptation of a King story, which have an understandably bumpy track record. The guy puts out five novels a year, some are bound to be iffy.

Luckily, according to critics and the box office, this adaptation wasn’t -- even though it wasn’t quite good enough to be joke-proof.