It might be a lot harder than we thought to find life on the surface of Mars

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Nov 15, 2016, 12:51 PM EST (Updated)

Scientists haven’t had much luck finding proof of life on Mars, and it sounds like the odds are getting even longer. 

Engadget reports a team from Scotland's University of Stirling has determined the planet is even drier and more arid than we’d first assumed. Dr. Christian Schröder, Science Team Collaborator for the Mars Opportunity rover, said the new research reaffirms just how dry the planet is. As for how that relates to the search for life, it means we’ll have to dig a whole lot deeper if we want to have any chance of finding signs of life. The ground is too dry and irradiated on the surface, so scientists need to look for “pockets” beneath the surface.

This doesn’t mean we’ll never find signs of life on Mars, but it does hurt the chances for any pending mission that was looking to further explore the surface or areas just below the surface. If we really want to explore Mars, we’ll have to send equipment there to go deeper, or send people there to do the work themselves.

(Via Engadget)